A dental crown (or cap) is a dental restoration that encloses the entire tooth in order to restore its original size and shape. Crowns are a fantastic solution for patients with weakened teeth that can’t be restored using other types of dental restorations, such as fillings. Our dentists may recommend a dental crown if you have/need:
◾Root Canal Therapy
◾Cosmetic Enhancement
◾Broken/Fractured Teeth
◾Decayed Teeth
◾Fractured Fillings
◾Large Fillings

Dental crowns are made and customized in size, shape, and color to match your natural teeth. This is done to restore function to your teeth and to provide optimal cosmetic results for your smile.


Dental crowns are usually placed over the course of two dental appointments. At your first appointment, one of our dentists will take several highly accurate impressions (molds) of your teeth. These molds will be used to create your final porcelain crown and a temporary crown. Once your molds have been taken, your porcelain crown will be customized in a dental lab over the course of several weeks. During this time, you will wear a temporary crown. In preparation for the temporary dental crown, one of our dentists will numb your tooth, clean out any decay, and shape your tooth to properly fit both the permanent and temporary crown.

At your second dental appointment, the temporary crown will be removed to make way for the new, custom crown. After a careful cleaning, the dentist will place your new crown to ensure that function and beauty is restored to your mouth once again.


A dental bridge is a non-removable dental appliance used to replace a missing tooth (or missing teeth). A bridge can be used to:

◾Promote a natural, radiant smile

◾Fill gaps left by missing teeth

◾Restore a fully functioning bite

◾Prevent the shifting of teeth due to extra space

◾Retain your face’s natural shape

◾Replace a partial denture

Dental bridges comprise two dental crowns which go over the teeth, adjacent to the gap. We call these abutment teeth. Between the dental crowns, we place an artificial tooth, known as a pontic. This tooth will look and function like a natural tooth. Best of all, when you smile, no one will that you have any missing teeth! Please call us to schedule an appointment if you are interested in receiving a dental bridge treatment.


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